Iron Rubber products for road safety

  • Iron Rubber products for road safety
  • Iron Rubber delineator posts and other traffic safety products for traffic lane control and flagging are available.
    The products make the most of the high elasticity of Iron Rubber.

    New signs and equipment have been developed to serve as an aid to alleviating the steadily worsening traffic situation and maintaining road safety. To develop them, NOK has made full use of its rubber synthesis technology and processing technology. Using highly reliable Iron Rubber as a main material, these products exhibit higher functionality and higher durability than any product made of conventional rubber, plastic, or light metal.
    Due to the high elasticity of the material, the delineator post rights itself after being run over and bent by a car.

Delineator posts upgraded

  • NOK’s delineator post series has been significantly upgraded, with enhanced functions.

    The head, body and reflective sheets of the delineator post have been improved to be more durable and more visible.

  • Announcement
  • Adoption of capped heads
  • Closer adhesion of the colored urethane layer to the transparent urethane layer
  • Higher intensity of reflective sheets


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