We are looking for business partners, not only within Japan but across the globe, who can supply materials for NOK products in a stable and sustainable manner.We welcome suppliers of the materials and metal parts used for our main products, such as seals and flexible printed circuits (FPCs).
We hope this page will also help you understand our procurement activities and look forward to hearing from you.

We are particularly interested in the following materials.

NO Procurement Items
1 Nitrile rubber
2 Acrylic rubber
3 Silicone rubber
4 Fluororubber
5 Chloroprene rubber
6 Ethylene propylene rubber
7 Urethane rubber
8 Fluororesin
9 Polyimide(For this material, please click the item name to send your proposal.)
10 Carbon
11 Rubber chemical
12 Plasticizer
13 Adhesive
14 Cold rolled steel sheet
15 Stainless steel sheet
16 Hot rolled steel sheet
17 Steel wire

* For Polyimide, please click the link in the table to send your proposal.