Financial Results

These documents are originally made as Japanese material.
We have disclosed the English version by editing a part of them.

FY 2020 ending Mar.31,2021

FY 2019 ending Mar.31,2020

FY 2018 ending Mar.31,2019

FY 2017 ending Mar.31,2018

FY 2016 ending Mar.31,2017

FY 2015 ending Mar.31,2016

FY 2014 ending Mar.31,2015

FY 2013 ending Mar.31,2014

FY 2012 ending Mar.31,2013

FY 2011 ending Mar.31,2012

FY 2010 ending Mar.31,2011

FY 2009 ending Mar.31,2010

FY 2008 ending Mar.31,2009

FY 2007 ending Mar.31,2008

FY 2006 ending Mar.31,2007

FY 2005 ending Mar.31,2006

FY 2004 ending Mar.31,2005

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