Human Rights Statement

NOK Group Human Rights Statement

1.Human Rights Statement

In line with our management philosophy of fostering a company driven by love and trust in our employees, the NOK Group places utmost importance on the well-being and dignity of each individual within our organization.
We are committed to upholding human rights as protected in internationally recognized norms, including the International Bill of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.
The NOK Group aligns with and supports the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and our company policy is founded upon these principles. Furthermore, through our Principles of Corporate Behavior, we recognize that compliance with local laws, adherence to international norms — including human rights, and consideration of cultural diversity, customs, and stakeholder interests — are integral to our operations, and we pledge to respect human rights across all countries and regions where we conduct business.

2.Scope of Application

This policy applies to all individuals within the NOK Group, including officers, employees, suppliers, and other relevant parties. We require the utmost respect for human rights throughout our supply chain, ensuring that no entity associated with the NOK Group is complicit in any human rights violations.

3.Human Rights Due Diligence

Based on this policy, the NOK Group will institute and execute essential mechanisms for human rights due diligence. In alignment with the NOK Group Procurement Policy and CSR Procurement Guidelines, we will require our suppliers to adhere to human rights standards. Additionally, we will request our other business partners to uphold human rights based on this policy.

4.Remediation & Correction

We have implemented a dedicated point of contact for reporting human rights compliance violations and seeking consultations. Upon identifying a breach that has resulted in or contributed to an adverse impact on human rights, we will take prompt action to address and rectify the situation.

5.Education & Training

To ensure a comprehensive understanding and consistent implementation of this policy among all officers and employees, we will continually foster awareness through educational initiatives, training programs, and ongoing efforts. These initiatives will specifically focus on enhancing knowledge and promoting a culture of respect for human rights and preventing harassment.

6.Priority Action Areas & Transparency

Following this policy, we will concentrate on the designated priority action areas outlined separately to uphold our commitment to human rights. To ensure transparency and accountability, we will diligently execute these initiatives and provide regular updates on our progress and outcomes through various channels, including our company website.

December 16, 2021

Revised: May 24, 2023

Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer,
Masao Tsuru

Priority Action Areas

  • Ensuring freedom of association and collective bargaining rights
    NOK Group strictly adheres to the laws and regulations of the countries where we operate, ensuring that our employees are free to join or establish labor unions without any hindrance. Moreover, we actively recognize and support the exercise of collective bargaining rights.
  • Eliminating forced labor
    The NOK Group maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards forced labor and human trafficking, whereby individuals are coerced into work against their will and under the threat of punishment.
  • Eradicating child labor
    The NOK Group firmly opposes and prohibits child labor below the minimum age defined by labor laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we operate and international norms.
  • Ensuring equal opportunities and non-discrimination in employment
    The NOK Group is committed to providing equal and unbiased employment opportunities to all individuals, irrespective of their race, color, gender, religion, political opinion, national origin, social origin, age, disability, HIV/AIDS infection or development, labor union membership, sexual orientation, or political or personal beliefs. We strictly prohibit any form of discrimination based on these grounds.
  • Ensuring harassment prevention
    At the NOK Group, we hold the utmost respect for the human rights of every employee. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of harassment, including power harassment and sexual harassment.
  • Ensuring fair wages and responsible working hours
    We are dedicated to upholding the payment of wages following legal requirements and endeavor to provide living wages or higher. Additionally, we strictly prohibit excessive overtime work that surpasses the legal limits on working hours.