Industrial membrane modules

  • Industrial membrane modules
    • ■ Follow fibers in 3D network structure thanks to our unique membrane production technology
    • ■ Enhanced effects of backwash thanks to its asymmetric structure
    • ■ High membrane flux and extended service life
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Basic specifications

Membrane material PSU
Cutoff molecular weight 150,000 Da
Nominal membrane area 45 ㎡
Pure water flux 260 L/㎡/H @ TMP 100kPa
Module flow rate; Recommended design value 2.7 ~ 8.1 ㎥/H @ TMP 100kPa
Maximum pressure of feed water side 400 kPa
Regular pressure of feed water 100~200 kPa


  • Dimensions
  • Total length (L) 1,655 mm
    Port-to-port distance (L1) 1,577 mm
    Port-to-port distance (L2) 1,212 mm
    Outer diameter of straight piping section (D) 250 mm

Basic performance of NOK’s hollow fiber membranes

Specifications of hollow fiber membranes
Inner diameter Outer diameter Pore diameter Separation layer
Cutoff molecular weight Reduced pore diameter
0.8 mm 1.4 mm 150,000 Da 0.01 μm Inner skin structure
Performance of hollow fiber membranes
Permeation flow rate Breaking stress Elongation at break
400 L/(m2/hour) @100 kPa (pure water) 5.2 MPa 58 %

SEM image of the hollow fiber membrane

  • Membrane cross section
    Membrane cross section
  • Outer surface of hollow fiber
    Outer surface of hollow fiber
  • Outer surface of hollow fiber
    Outer surface of hollow fiber

Introduction example

  • NU-4500
  • NU-4500:

    Year of construction: 2016
    Installation site: Chemical plant
    Location: Wuxi, China
    Application: Recycling of waste water
    Quantity: 9


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