Iron Rubber Belts

  • Iron Rubber Belts
  • Using Iron Rubber—high in mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, and weather resistance—NOK’s power transmission belts and conveyor belts are utilized as next-generation belts in many industries.

    The use of Iron Rubber has enabled the production of timing belts of any length without using rubber dies for each belt. As a pioneer in the field of multifunctional belts, NOK has thus opened a new frontier in belt applications.
    Profiles (attachments) can be added to Iron Rubber belts through fusion splicing, broadening the scope of applications of Iron Rubber belts. Used as driving belts and conveyor belts, NOK’s Iron Rubber belts perform remarkably, helping conserve resources, simplifying conveyor mechanisms and increasing accuracy and productivity, thereby improving work environments.

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Iron Rubber Belt Catalog

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