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Providing Greater Safety and Comfort, the Cornerstones of a Prosperous Society

The NOK Group aims to go beyond generating economic benefits for stakeholders; we aspire to evoke a profound sense of pride within them. To that end, we have been dedicated to fostering a sustainable society alongside our business endeavors since our founding, and we are proud of our history of supporting society by providing technology and products to all industrial fields.
Our ambition to enhance people's lives is reflected in our Purpose statement, "Shaping Possibilities with Unique Technology.” Through unique products created using our proprietary technologies and based on foundational research, we aim to offer people safer and more comfortable lifestyles.
Safety and comfort are the cornerstones of a prosperous society, and we further highlight our dedication to their realization through our unique approach: "Essential Core Manufacturing — The manufacture of pivotal products that shape society."

Masao Tsuru

Representative Director,

Group Chief Executive Officer


CEO Masao Tsuru