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Terms of Service


Regarding all works, portraits, characters, marks, designs, and other information on the Site, NOK CORPORATION (“the Company”) or their providers have intellectual property rights such as copyright, rights to use them and other rights. Downloading, printing or reproducing the Site through other methods is limited to private use, meaning use for your own or your immediate family. You may not use any information or programs on the Site for other websites or printed materials (e.g., copying, uploading, posting, and citing). Without permission, you may not use the content posted on the Site beyond the scope permitted by copyright laws.


The rights for any trademarks on the Site, such as trademarks and service marks, belong to the Company or the licensors who have permitted the Company to use them. You may not use any such trademarks without permission from the Company or other holders of those rights.

Cookie Policy

The Company may use files called cookies on the Site. The customer information collected through cookies (e.g., age and sex) does not include information that will violate customers’ privacy. The information is used only as a reference to provide better services to customers. The Company also protects and manages this information properly and does not disclose it to any third parties. Customers may disable cookies by changing their browser settings.


On the Site, the Company takes rigorous security measures regarding customers’ personal information in order to protect their privacy and to ensure security. When necessary, the Company uses SSL encryption to protect data transmission.

Suspension of Operation

The Company may suspend operation of the Site without prior notice when it is deemed necessary to do so due to, for example, system maintenance, system malfunction, fire, blackout, earthquake or other natural disaster, as well as other operational and technical reasons. The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage arising from such suspension.

Modification of the Site

Please note that the Company may change the content and address (URL) of the Site without prior notice.


The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of the items provided on the Site, such as information, programs and services, as well as of all the other matters related to the Site. The Company shall also have no liability for any software or hardware accidents, problems between users or between users and third parties, or any other damage due to accidents or other reasons arising from the use of the Site.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

All matters regarding the Site, including disputes, are governed in accordance with the laws of Japan and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in Japan in the first instance.

Revisions of the Terms of Service

The terms of service may be revised without prior notice. The revised terms of service are effective immediately when posted.