Developing and Supporting the Next Generation

Developing and Supporting the Next Generation (Activities in FY2020)

Sponsorship for "NHK Student Robocon" and "ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest”

NOK is committed to supporting the development of the next generation who will lead the future. As a manufacturer, we have supported NHK Student Robocon, which is hosted by NHK and NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd., and ABU Asia Pacific Robot Contest, which is hosted by ABU (Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union), since fiscal 2015.
The event was canceled in fiscal 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but as an alternative event, "Online! Gakuro FESTIVAL" and "ABU ROBOCONFESTIVAL" were held in September to showcase robots made by students.

Sponsorship for "Robocon for Elementary School Students"

With the idea of "conveying the joy of manufacturing to children," we are supporting Robocon for elementary school students sponsored by NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd. and the Science and Technology Museum, which started in fiscal 2019. As part of this effort, in August NOK held an online "RoboCom Experience Museum" where NOK provided original paper crafts that could be downloaded and enjoyed, and held a "Paper Craft Contest" in which participants took photographs of completed crafts and entered them. In addition, an online workshop "Parents and children participate! Online craft class to make an original "mini car" with only what you have at home" was held for two days.

Sponsorship for Robocon for Elementary School Students

Sponsorship for "Nikkei Education Challenge”

We have been supporting the "Nikkei Education Challenge (hereinafter educha)" since fiscal 2019. Educha is a career education event in which adult working on the front lines of society become instructors to convey the real joy of working and passion for work. The event has been held by Nikkei since 2001 for high school students. In fiscal 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held online, and NOK organized a class on the theme "A pinch is a chance! Contributing to the near future in light of the COVID-19 pandemic."

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