Procurement Policy

The NOK group's procurement from suppliers complies with its Procurement Policy

The NOK Group believes that if we are to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, it is essential that our awareness is shared across the procurement supply chain.
We are asking our suppliers to understand the Procurement Policy shown on the left and respect the NOK Charter of Corporate Behavior and CSR Procurement Guidelines in business transactions with us.

1.Procurement Policy

  • We comply with laws, regulations and social norms.
  • Based on the idea of free competition, we select suppliers in a stringent manner by providing fair and equal opportunities.
  • We share mutual interests and benefits with suppliers based on the idea of mutual prosperity.
  • We engage in open communication and build a relationship of trust with suppliers.
  • We conduct improvement activities proactively in collaboration with suppliers.

2.CSR Procurement Guidelines

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we carry out procurement activities in accordance with the following policies:

1Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with laws and regulations, including the competition laws, trade laws, environmental laws and social norms of relevant countries.

2Respect for human rights

We do not deal with business entities that would use forced or child labor, that would engage in unlawful employment of foreign nationals or any other illegal employment and that would not satisfy industrial safety and health requirements.


We prioritize the safety of customers and consumers and purchase products that satisfy safety requirements.

4Green procurement

We carry out procurement activities based on the NOK Group Green Procurement Guideline with consideration for preserving the global environment .


We deal with suppliers that can appropriately manage and control the confidentiality of information on customers, individuals and technologies, etc. obtained through business transactions.

6Elimination of anti-social forces

We do not deal with any organized crime groups, any of their members and related individuals nor any other antisocial forces as well as any business entities associated with them.

7Activities regarding conflict minerals

We strive to avoid purchasing minerals and products that use minerals from countries where inhumane armed forces are active and mining minerals for their financial resources.

8Contribution to local communities

We contribute to the development of local communities by promoting business transactions with local suppliers.

9 Sharing awareness with suppliers

We strive to ensure that the NOK Charter of Corporate Behavior and the CSR Procurement Guidelines are respected throughout the supply chain.

3.Requests to Our Suppliers

Our Policy on Gifts and Entertainment

Please note that we will decline the following gifts and entertainment from our suppliers.

  • We will not accept any cash, gift certificates, gift cards for books, merchandise, or other types of gifts.
  • We will not accept any special discount for the supplier’s products.
  • We will decline invitations to such events as dining and golfing, unless otherwise agreed between the supplier and our company in advance.
  • We will not sell or buy stock based on the supplier’s internal information.
  • We will not accept any other gifts or entertainment that are socially inappropriate.

4.Consultation Desk

We have a consultation desk to address compliance issues regarding transactions with NOK Group companies.
(Legal Affairs Section, Legal Affairs Department, Corporate Administration Office, NOK CORPORATION)

NOK's production activities are centered on industrial components made from polymeric materials, such as synthetic rubber and resin. We are committed to environmental conservation activities such as managing environmentally hazardous substances used in production processes, saving energy and resources, and reducing waste.
To extend these controls beyond production processes to procurement activities, we have established the NOK Group Green Procurement Guideline. Controlling environmentally hazardous substances and building a system to guarantee the non-inclusion of these substances throughout the supply chain are our priorities.