Water-purifier membrane modules

  • Water-purifier membrane modules
  • Hollow fiber membranes of water purifiers serve to remove minute particles, rust, and turbidity from water. To ensure maximum performance of the hollow fiber membranes, NOK designs hollow fiber membrane modules for water purifiers to comply with requirements for customers’ water purifiers and conditioners and supplies products manufactured under a strict quality control system. Polysulfone hollow fiber membranes manufactured by NOK are superior filtration membranes with features as listed below:


    • Having small pores for fine filtration
    • Scarcely causing clogging due to minute particles in tap water
    • Having high pressure resistance
    • Having high heat resistance

    We have been producing diversified membrane modules with an experience over 20 years. We have established our status as a leading membrane module supplier in the US, Europe, and China as well as Japan.

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Standard modules

We have achieved the highest flow rate as membranes for domestic water purifiers in the industry.
A wide variety of hollow fiber membranes are available. MF and UF membranes can be selected according to purposes.
They may be used with our unique hydrophobic membranes (for air bleeding) to solve air lock problems.

List of standard specifications

Model No. Length
Outer diameter
Membrane area
Membrane material Case material
TA1097 80 38 0.25 PSU ABS
TA13036 102 50 0.5
TA13037 159 55 1.0
TA13045 254 69 2.5

In addition to these standard specifications, we may offer custom designs to comply with customers’ requirements for different dimensions and properties.

  • Water-purifier membrane modules
  • Water-purifier membrane modules

    They comply with the purifier test methods specified by the JIS (JIS S 3201).

10-inch membrane module

    • The 222 double O ring system has been employed to fit ready-made housings.
    • It may be applied to relatively large water-purifying system thanks to its large membrane area.
    • Our unique hydrophobic membranes (for air bleeding) may also be installed. It also features an effect to solve air lock.
  • Water-purifier membrane modules


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