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NOK boasts 70% of the oil seals market in Japan. Oil seals, as the name suggests, are functional parts that seal oil and are used in a wide range of machines.
We also have the largest market share among domestic manufacturers in flexible printed circuits (FPCs). These circuit boards are widely used for complex wiring in small spaces, including essential items such as smartphones and wearable devices, making a great contribution to the development of smaller, lighter and more functional electronic devices.
The NOK Group's technologies and products are widely used in automobiles and other items in everyday life.

Application Guide

  • Automotive Industrial Equipment

    Automotive Industrial Equipment

    The NOK Group's products are widely used in automobiles. We support safe, comfortable living through our highly functional, environmentally friendly products.

  • e-Mobility Industrial Equipment

    e-Mobility Industrial Equipment

    NOK has been developing new products and technologies toward the realization of low-carbon society, in order to contribute to a safe and comfortable mobility society of the future.

  • General Industrial Equipment

    General Industrial Equipment

    A variety of products created through NOK's core technologies are used in a wide range of fields, including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, housing equipment, plants and robots.

  • Information Electronic Equipment

    Information Electronic Equipment

    These products support convenient lifestyles through applications in a variety of electronic devices. These range from smartphones, which are now essential in our lives, to tablet devices, wearable devices, as well as next-generation automobiles.

  • Office Automation Equipment

    Office Automation Equipment

    Rollers are widely used around photoreceptors that determine the performance of copiers and for fixing parts that require high functionality and durability.

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