Synthetic rubber “Noxtite”

  • Synthetic rubber “Noxtite”
  • NOXTITE is an industrial material featuring excellent oil resistance, thermal resistance, and processability.

    NOK has developed and produced a large number of special rubbers and aids through the study of seal materials. NOXTITE (NOK’s brand name for polyacrylate rubber), which has excellent oil resistance, thermal resistance, and processability, is used for seals and other NOK products. NOXTITE is used also for hoses, heat-resistant materials, conveyor belts, rollers, adhesives, coatings, and many other industrial materials.

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  • It can be used over a very wide temperature range: −30°C to +180°C. It can even endure a wider temperature range of −40°C to +200°C according to the application.
  • It is highly ozone-resistant and weather-resistant, and less gas-permeable.
  • It is also highly resistant to petroleum oil at high temperatures, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid, and the like.
  • It shows little corrosion behavior.
  • Various vulcanizing agents can be used.
  • It is highly processable.


  • Material of various seals
  • Material of various gaskets
  • Material of O rings
  • Material of various hoses
  • Material of automotive pollution reduction parts
  • Heat-insulating material
  • Material of conveyor belts, tank lining and rollers
  • Adhesives
  • Material of various building sealants
  • Material of various coatings
  • Material of various binders


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