Oil seals


Oil seals are indispensable parts for sealing all types of equipment. They have a number of features such as simple structures, relatively low cost, and usability across a wide range of environmental conditions. Approx. 40 large and small oil seals are employed in automobiles.

■Basic Construction

An oil seal consists of three parts: a synthetic rubber part, a metal ring, and a spring.

Basic Construction

■Basic Construction

Shape Type Application JIS B 2402 JASO F 401 ISO 6194
SC SB SC SB For oil, no dust Type 1, Type 2 S SM TYPE1 TYPE2
TC TB TC TB For oil, with dust Type 4, Type 5 D DM TYPE3 TYPE4
VC VB VC VB For grease, no dust (G) (GM) G GM  
KC KB KC KB For grease, with dust   P PM  

JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards
JASO: Japanese Automotive Standards Organization
ISO: International Organization for Standardization