Typical shapes and materials for automotive products


Oil seals are available in various shapes and materials suitable for the respective automotive parts such as the engine, drivetrain, and chassis systems.

(1) Engine system

Location Shape Material Motion
Engine / Front cam shaft Engine / Front cam shaft Fluororubber Rotation
Engine / Rear Engine / Rear Fluororubber Rotation
Engine / Rear (for track) Engine / Rear (for track) Silicone rubber Rotation
Valve stem Valve stem Fluororubber Reciprocation
Engine system

(2) Drivetrain system

Location Shape Material Motion
Transmission / Front Transmission / Front Acrylic rubber Rotation
Transmission / Rear Transmission / Rear Acrylic rubber Rotation
Differential side Differential side Acrylic rubber Rotation
Propeller shaft Propeller shaft Nitrile rubber Reciprocation
  • Drivetrain system
  • Drivetrain system
  • Drivetrain system

(3)Chassis system

Location Shape Material Motion


Accelerator Nitrile rubber Rotation
Hub Hub Nitrile rubber Rotation
Power steering Power steering Nitrile rubber Reciprocation
Shock absorber Shock absorber Nitrile rubber Reciprocation
  • Chassis system
  • Chassis system