Static metallic gasket ACTISEAL

  • Static metallic gasket ACTISEAL
  • ACTISEAL is a static elastic metallic seal. It has properties that conventional gaskets, metal O rings, or rubber O rings do not have.

    With its special structural design, the elastic metallic gasket has low-load characteristics and capabilities to follow deformation, which conventional gaskets and metallic O rings do not have.

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  • Usable in a wide pressure range, from ultra high vacuum of 0.1μPa{1×10-9 Torr} to very high pressures of more than 294MPa{3000kgf/cm3}
  • Usable in a wide temperature range, from -270℃ to +800℃ and upward
  • Small clamping force
  • Small mounting groove: Compact design is possible.
  • High level of capability to follow deformation: It exhibits high sealing performance even in the case of flange deformation.
  • Flexible shape: Available in oval, triangular, and other non-circular shapes. It provides a high degree of flexibility in equipment design.


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