Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs)

  • Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs)
  • These flexible circuit boards are used for high-precision information equipment. These products are indispensable when a flexible wire connection is required.

    Flexible printed circuits (FPCs) are circuit boards featuring great flexibility. They are used for many digital devices, including mobile phones, PCs and cameras, to which the principle “The smaller, the better” applies in a more and more rigorous manner especially these days.
    Their thinness, light weight and flexibility match the diversified designs and complex shapes of electronics devices, enabling more original design. In addition, the great flexibility of the board and fine print enable the FPC to be mounted with electronic components in a higher density.

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Single-sided FPCs

Single-sided FPCs can be bent freely and help effectively use the scape of mounting on their surface. They endure repeated bending and help reduce the space required for wiring on their surface.

  • Single-sided FPCs
  • These are standard FPCs with a layer of silver foil on the polyimide film-covered side. With a simple structure of a surface insulating layer on the printed copper-clad side, the FPCs can make the most of their characteristics of thickness and flexibility.

Covering material
Polyimide film 1/2mil、1mil
Cover coat Thermosetting and UV-curing photo solder resist

Double-sided FPCs

Double-sided FPCs enable more complex wiring than single-sided FPCs. Since electronic components can be mounted on both sides of the board, their surface spaces can be used more effectively.

  • Double-sided FPCs
  • They are produced by boring through holes on both sides, which are clad with copper, plating and then printing both sides, and attaching a surface insulating layer to each side.

Covering material
Polyimide film1/2mil、1mil
Cover coatPhoto solder resist

Multilayer FPCs (Flex Board)

These are multilayer flexible circuit boards into which cables are integrated. Their multiple layers enable electronic components to be mounted on them in a higher density.

  • Multilayer FPCs
  • The Flex Board is a polyimide-based multilayer flexible circuit board into which cables are integrated. The multiple layers made of the same material enable the product to maintain its reliability at a high level, without the influence of differences between materials. The product can be mounted with high-performance electronic components in a high density, so it is used for mobile phones, digital cameras and other devices.

Covering material
Polyimide film1/2mil、1mil
Cover coatPhoto solder resist

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