Social / Local Area Activities

Social / Local Area Activities (Activities in FY2020)

Support for WFP

We are co-sponsoring the World Food Day Campaign, "Zero Hunger Challenge: Food Loss × Zero Hunger," sponsored by the United Nations World Food Programme Association. In fiscal 2020, as part of our efforts to reduce food loss, we worked to raise employee awareness by displaying educational posters in our employee cafeterias, and by displaying data on the number of daily meals eaten and the weight of waste generated by the cafeterias.

Supporting Okashiya Palette

Palette, an NPO that operates Okashiya Palette, is a certified NPO that aims to contribute to the realization of a society in which all people can live a normal life by solving the problems that people with disabilities face in their daily lives, including work, daily life, and leisure. NOK supports these activities and holds sales meetings at the company building on an irregular basis.

Supporting Okashiya Palette

Support for the umbrella sharing service "Aikasa"

Aikasa is the first full-scale umbrella sharing service in Japan provided by Nature Innovation Group, Inc. Instead of buying a plastic umbrella, you can rent an umbrella and return it to the nearest spot when the rain stops. NOK has supported this initiative, which contributes to reducing the amount of plastic umbrellas discarded, by participating in a demonstration test of an umbrella rental system and supporting social implementation. Since June 2020, umbrellas bearing the NOK logo have also been deployed.

Support for the umbrella sharing service Aikasa
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