Our Sustainability Organization

The NOK Group has established an ESG Committee under the Board of Directors to formulate various management policies from a medium- to long-term perspective. The ESG Committee, which is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, is composed of each general manager and is responsible for formulating policies and goals related to NOK's environmental, social, and governance performance, as well as confirming progress toward goals. Initiatives discussed by the ESG Committee are subject to review by the Board of Directors.
Under the ESG Committee, we have established the Climate Change Scenario Analysis Practice Subcommittee and the Carbon Neutral.
Subcommittee as professional organizations for responding to climate change. The Climate Change Scenario Analysis Practice Subcommittee estimates the impacts caused by climate change, and the Carbon Neutral Subcommittee plans and promotes concrete measures against climate change. In addition, we have established the Sustainability Report Subcommittee as an organization responsible for publishing sustainability reports and disclosing information.
With these subcommittees at the center, the ESG Committee regularly reports on the progress of initiatives undertaken by the Group, with the cooperation of related internal organizations, offices and Group companies.

Our Sustainability Organization