Message from the CEO

Driving Change and Global Growth as Global One NOK

NOK started life in 1941 as Japan's first oil seal manufacturer and has grown over the subsequent decades into a Group with global reach.
We now have five companies at the core of our business development: NOK, MEKTEC, NOK KLUEBER, UNIMATEC, and SYNZTEC, each offering unique technologies and products. The NOK Group's 92 companies are located in 16 countries and regions and employ around 38,000 people. Together, we provide technologies and products for all industrial fields, including automobiles and other mobility sectors, electronic products — centered on PCs and smartphones — office automation equipment, medical and healthcare devices, industrial robots, and satellites.

Representative Director, Group Chief Executive Officer Masao Tsuru

The NOK Group is building toward achieving one trillion yen (approx. eight billion dollars) in sales by FY2031, a milestone year marking the 90th anniversary of our founding. Driven by this ambitious goal, we laid out four key initiatives to deliver on our Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2023 to 2025): Create new growth drivers, Optimize operational structure for global expansion, Construct diverse human capital foundation, and Optimize management resources.
In May 2023, we redefined our Purpose and Values to create a shared set of common values for our employees worldwide as we embark on a journey to become Global One NOK. Following this, in April 2024, we strengthened our global branding and established a new Corporate Identity (CI) for the NOK Group to support the unification of the Group and drive global growth.

The NOK Group is committed to continuing its product development, which is built upon a robust base of foundational research and results in large-scale, stable, and high-quality production. We call this "Essential Core Manufacturing — The manufacture of pivotal products that shape society." Through this approach, we aim to provide greater safety and comfort, the cornerstones of a prosperous society.

Masao Tsuru
Representative Director,
Group Chief Executive Officer