Table 5 Major International Standards for Seals

For O-rings AN 6227 Packing "O" Ring Hydraulic
AN 6230 Gasket "O" Ring Hydraulic
ARP 568 O-Rings
SAE J120 Rubber Rings for Automotive Applications
SAE J515 Hydraulic O-Ring
SAE J1453 Fitting - O-Ring
DIN 3771 O-Ringe
For oil seals BS 1399 Rotary Shaft Lip Seals
DIN 3760 Radial Shaft Seal
MIL-S-45005B Fluid, Radial, Sealing and Multiple Sealing Member, Spring - Loaded
SAE J110 Seals - Testing of Radial Lip
SAE J111 Seals - Terminology of Radial Lip
SAE J946 Application Guide to Radial Lip Seals
SAE J1002 Seals - Evaluation of Elastohydrodynamic
SAE J1900 Seals - Bond Test Fixture and Procedure
SAE J1901 Lip Force Measurement - Radial Lip Seals
SAE J1947 O. D. Coatings for Radial Lip - Type Shaft Seals
SAE J1971 Radial Lip Seal Torque : Measurement Methods And Results
For gaskets AN 6225 Packing "V" Ring Hydraulic
AN 6226 Packing "U" Ring Hydraulic
AN 6290 Gasket Straight Thread Tube Fitting, Boss
MIL P 5514 Packing, Installation and Gland Design, Hydraulic, General Requirement For
SAE J654 Static and Reciprocating Elastomeric Transmission Seals
SAE J1336 Hydraulic Cylinder Leakage Test
SAE J1374 Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Seal Endurance Test Procedure
Other MIL P 5516 Packing, Performed, Petroleum Hydraulic Fluid Resistant, 160°F
SAE J780 Engine Coolant Pump Seals
SAE J1245 Guide to the Application and Use of Engine Coolant Pump Face Seals
SAE J1954 Guid to the Application and Use of Passenger Car Air Conditioning Compressor Face Seals