Conservation of Water Resources

Social Background

Currently, we are facing problems of water shortage across the world due to the increasing water use associated with global population growth and the advancement of developing countries. Moreover, intensifying climate change has led to different precipitation patterns as well as unusual intensity and frequency of rain, which may result in the destabilization of water resources, such as expansion of drought areas and worsening of flood damage. In order to address these water risks and to create a sustainable society, corporate efforts for efficient use of water resources are playing an increasingly important role.

NOKʼs Policy

The NOK Group works to protect water resources by identifying and reducing the amount of water used in the manufacturing process of our products and by taking thorough measures to clean wastewater. Also, in order to address different water risks in different countries and regions, we assess the water risks in each region and promote activities to protect water resources according to the regional characteristics.

3-Year Targets (FY2020 to FY2022)

At a global level:
Understand the current state of water use and control its increase.

Please refer to the latest CSR Report for details.