Environmental Management


Basic Policies on Environmental Conservation

On the basis that the company is a member of the society, we give all our employees full recognition to the fact that our business activities, products, and services have diverse relations to the environmental impact in the global scale. We set and implement the Basic Policy on Environmental Conservation from a longitudinal perspective in order to contribute to the realization of sustainable development of a society toward future generations.

  • Based on our unique technology, we promote the improvement of technology and development of products with environmental considerations to reduce the negative environmental impacts.
  • We promote energy saving to prevent the global warming, and promote reuse and reproduction of resources and reduction of wastes corresponding to the recycling society.
  • Setting the goals by NOK Central Environmental Conservation Committee, we will continue environmental improvement cooperating with business partners including suppliers, strengthen the control of chemical substances, prevent global environmental pollution and strengthen the effort to initiative of water environmental impact.
  • We comply with related laws and regulations, local government ordinances, and regional agreement, etc., and promote activities for environmental conservation.
  • We comply with self-imposed restrictions by the industry and customers, and positively engage in the requirements from our stakeholders toward environmental issues.
  • We disclose information on environmental conservation and social contribution activities, and positively communicate with local and broader society.
  • As a good corporate citizen, we strive to continually improve the environmental management system, as well as promoting all employees to recognize the importance of biodiversity and conservation of global environment and cultivate the awareness toward the global environment.

4th revision on April 1, 2021

President of NOK Corporation

Chairman of Central Environmental Conservation Committee

Masao Tsuru

Environmental Management System

To promote our environmental management activities smoothly and steadily, company-wide efforts are made under the following system. The Central Environmental Conservation Committee, chaired by the President, sets the overall direction of our environmental management and implements it. Actual environmental
conservation activities are led by subcommittees, which formulate and promote group-wide energy conservation initiatives and long-term environmental vision.

Environmental Management System

Management Bodies

  • Central Body

    • Name: Central Environmental Conservation Committee (Chair: President)
    • Aim: Considering the importance of environmental management and the breadth of its scope, the Committee aims to serve as a central body to set and promote the overall direction of NOK’s environmental management.
  • Plant-Level Body (Chair: Plant Manager)

    • Name: Committee for Environmental Protection at Plant
    • Aim: The Committee aims to develop and promote detailed implementation plans on environmental management at the plant, which include items based on the corporate policies/plans as well as those unique to each plant.
  • Subcommittees on Environmental Protection (Chairs: Directors of responsible divisions)

    • Name: a) Subcommittee for Promotion of Environmental Management
      b) Subcommittee for Reduction of Energy Consumption
    • Aims: These subcommittees aim to conduct fact-finding studies on environmental issues and impact, to engage in information gathering and technical discussions for mitigating environmental impact, as well as to develop and promote detailed measures to mitigate environmental impact, including offering guidance and advice to relevant offices and plants.

Environmental Management System

NOK has established a mechanism in accordance with ISO 14001 and has been promoting an environmental management system, striving to reduce its environmental impact through manufacturing.To ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, NOK’s plants and group companies manage their efforts by identifying laws and regulations they must observe, along with key control items. They also check and evaluate the compliance status on a regular basis.We will continue our efforts for early detection of possible risks related to environmental accidents and compliance and for the prevention of nonconformities.

● Registration Agency: Japan Automobile Research Institute, Registration Body
● Certificate Number: JAER 0335

ISO 14001 Certification Status of the NOK Group

In the NOK Group, 97.8% of the plants/offices have obtained ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 Certification Status

NOK CORPORATION’s Certification Scope

  • Registration Agency: Japan Automobile Research Institute, Registration Body
  • Certificate Number: JAER 0335

NOK CORPORATION’s Certification Scope

Please refer to the latest CSR Report for details.

Environmental Issues and NOK’s Policies to Address Them

  • Global Warming Countermeasures

    Global Warming Countermeasures

  • Resource Saving and Recycle

    Resource Saving and Recycle

  • Conservation of Water Resources

    Conservation of Water Resources

  • Measures on Substances of Concern

    Measures on Substances of Concern

  • Environmentally Friendly Products

    Environmentally Friendly Products