Resource Saving and Recycle

Social Background

We have been leading lives of affluence and convenience in our society, which is based on the mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal of a huge range of products. We are thereby consuming the Earthʼs finite resources and energy in unsustainable amounts and generating vast amounts of waste, and as a result are facing various problems such as the depletion of natural resources and environmental destruction. In response, there are increasing calls across the world for a shift away from mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal and toward a recycling-oriented society, and companies are required to make efficient use of resources and further foster the 3Rs for the entire life cycles of their products, from the procurement of materials to product disposal.

NOKʼs Policy

The NOK Group is conducting “reuse, reduce and recycle” (3Rs) activities in order to help realize a recycling-oriented society. Throughout the entire life cycles of our products, we are working to make efficient use of materials and energy as well as to improve each of our processes to reduce and recycle waste, thereby contributing to a sustainable society and increasing our corporate value.

3-Year Targets (FY2020 to FY2022)

Recycling rate: 98% or higher
* Recycling rate = (1-Amount of waste in landfills/Total amount of waste generated) x 100

Please refer to the latest CSR Report for details.