Table 4 Major Standards Established by Trade Associations for Seals

For O-rings JASO F 404 Automotive O-rings
For oil seals JASO F 401 Oil seals
JASO F 410 Oil Seal Testing Procedure
For gaskets JPAS 015 Pneumatic Cylinder Gasket Performance Testing Procedure
JFPS 1003 Hydraulic Cylinder Gasket Application and Selection Guidelines
JFPS 1005 Hydraulic Square Rings
JFPS 2001 General Handling Standards for Pneumatic Seals
JFPS 2002 Pneumatic Cylinder Gasket Friction Resistance Testing Procedure
JFPS 2003 Pneumatic U-gasket Housings — Dimensions and Tolerances
JFPS 2004 Pneumatic Uniform Seal Housings — Dimensions and Tolerances
Other JASO E 403 Water Pump Mechanical Seals
JASO F 904 Automotive Grommets
JASO M 344 Automotive Gear Oil Seal Rubber Material Conformity Test Methods
JOHS 107 Standard Rubbers for Operating Fluid
JPAS 002 Pneumatic Equipment Air Leak Testing Methods

JASO, Japanese Automotive Standards Organization Standards; JPAS, Japan Hydraulics & Pneumatics Association Standards, and JFPS, Japan Fluid Power Association Standards