Table 3 Major Japanese Industrial Standards for Seals

For O-rings JIS B 2401 O-Rings
JIS B 2406 O-rings — Mounting groove dimensions and sizes
JIS B 2407 O-rings — Anti-extrusion rings (back-up rings)
JIS B 2408 O-rings — Quality acceptance criteria
For oil seals JIS B 2402 Oil seals
JIS K 6403 Classification system for vulcanized rubber for automotive applications
For gaskets JIS B 0116 Glossary of terms for packings and gaskets
JIS B 2403 V packings
JIS K 6380 Rubber packing material
JIS B 8663 Housing dimensions for rectangular-section-cut bearing rings for pistons and rods
Other JIS B 0031 Indication of surface texture in technical product documentation
JIS B 0601 Surface texture: profile method — Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters
JIS B 0633 Surface texture: profile method −Rules and procedures for the assessment of surface texture
JIS B 2404 Dimensions of gaskets for use with pipe flanges
JIS B 2405 Mechanical seals — General requirements
JIS D 2612 Automotive parts — Reservoir seals for hydraulic brake master cylinders using a non-petroleum base hydraulic brake fluid
JIS D 3105 Cylinder head gaskets for automobile engines
JIS E 4704 Grease seals for rolling stock
JIS F 7102 Shipbuilding — Piping system in machinery space — Application for gaskets and packings
JIS K 6258 Vulcanized rubber — Immersion test methods
JIS K 6820 Fluid sealants
JIS Z 8703 Standard atmospheric conditions for testing
JIS Z 8901 Test dust