Industrial Rubber and Resin Products

Synthetic Rubber Materials

  • Synthetic Rubber Materials
  • NOK has developed and manufactures many special rubber materials and auxiliary agents through research into sealing raw materials. Among them, Noxtite (a brand name for NOK polyacrylic rubber), which excels in oil resistance, heat resistance, and workability, is widely used as a raw material in every field of industry, including not only seal-based in-house products, but also various materials for hosepipes, heat insulators, conveyor belts, various rolls, adhesives, and coating materials.

Industrial Rubber Products

  • Industrial Rubber Products
  • Industrial rubber products are industrial functional components made of synthetic rubber. NOK produces various industrial rubber products, including single rubber products and integrated rubber products into which metals or resins are baked.

    Some synthetic rubbers selected from among all kinds of synthetic rubbers are blended to develop a synthetic rubber with the desired properties. Examples of these synthetic rubbers are fluorocarbon rubber, silicon rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, chloroprene rubber, and nitrile rubber, as well as Noxtite (a brand name for NOK polyacrylic rubber).

    These rubber products are used in a number of applications, including diaphragms for exhaust gas prevention components, steering rack/pinion joints, and bellows and boots used in constant-velocity joints for automobiles.

Iron Rubber Products

  • Iron Rubber Products
  • These products are widely used as elastic molding materials to fill the space between rubbers and plastics.

    "Iron rubber" is a brand name for NOK polyurethane rubber. Since 1960, NOK has been continuously improving the performance and quality of its materials that are used to fill the spaces between rubbers and plastics.

    Iron rubber products excel in elastic recovery, rebound resilience, and rubber elasticity under a wide range of temperature conditions, as well as abrasion resistance, and mechanical strength. NOK continues to provide various types of products, including those that have passed the standards set forth by the Food Sanitation Law.

Iron-Rubber Belt

  • Iron-Rubber Belt
  • These are belts with enhanced mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. NOK provides various types of iron-rubber belts including the joint type, the length of which can be arbitrarily decided without the use of individual rubber molds.

    Iron-rubber synchronous belts of arbitrary lengths can be manufactured without using individual rubber molds. The superior physical properties (mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, and resistance to oil and weather) of the synchronous belts have led to entirely new applications.

    Belts with profiles can be used in various applications because the profiles can be fusion-bonded to the belts. These belts deliver outstanding performance in such applications as driving belts and conveyor belts, simplifying transport mechanisms, improving accuracy, increasing productivity, and improving the working environment, while at the same time helping to conserve natural resources.

Iron-Rubber Products for Traffic Safety

  • Iron-Rubber Products for Traffic Safety
  • NOK provides not only Postcone (safety pylon), but also various lane closure indicators, traffic guiding devices, and shock eliminators, thus maximizing the high elasticity of its iron-rubber products.

    These are new road traffic signs and facilities developed by taking advantage of NOK rubber synthetic and processing techniques, to enhance public safety, and to smoothen the flow of increasingly congested traffic.

    These products are mainly made of highly reliable iron-rubber, which provides high functionality, durability, and safety that cannot be achieved with conventional rubbers and plastics of lightweight metals. The safety pylon, Postcone, for example, offers unrivalled elasticity, so that even if run over by a car and mangled out of shape, it can resume its original form by itself.

Engineering Plastic Products

  • Engineering Plastic Products
  • NOK provides various functional components including not only Rareflon, but also phenol, polyamide, polycarbonate, and ultra-high molecular polyethylene. NOK manufactures various functional components suitable for service conditions, using many resins such as phenol and polyamide, as well as NOK Oiltron and NOK Rareflon (a brand name for NOK ethylene tetrafluoride resin).

    These products have unique characteristics as engineering plastic products, including not only superior resistance to heat and cold, and a low friction coefficient, but also chemical resistance, superior electrical characteristics, and resistance to weather and humidity.

Phenolic Resin Molding Materials

  • Phenolic Resin Molding Materials
  • The phenolic resin molding materials marketed by NOK are high-quality molding materials manufactured by Otalite Co., Ltd. The dust-free products are easy to handle during molding operations and have superior workability.
    These molding materials which are made by the distinctive technologies have unparalleled characteristic. These are exported to every country in the world. The materials excel in heat and impact resistance, abrasion resistance, electrical characteristics, and workability, and are used for connectors for high-precision components, microswitches, commutators and insulators, for automobile parts, business equipment, and circuit breaker components.