Plant Equipment

Metallic Bellows Products

  • Metallic Bellows Products
  • These products are used to seal extensible portions or to absorb displacement. They have uniform displacement characteristics and superior resistance to corrosion.

    Metallic bellow products were developed as ideal sealing materials to withstand highly corrosive or radioactive fluids, and to replace elastomers or packings when equipment is operated at high temperatures.

    These products satisfy the most demanding needs of industrial and scientific technology, and include sealing materials for liquid/water engine turbo pumps of domestic space rockets, tokamak devices for nuclear fusion research, vacuum equipment for semiconductor manufacturing lines, and nuclear power lines.

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Diaphragm Couplings

  • Diaphragm Couplings
  • These products were developed for aircraft gas turbines, and can transmit torque while absorbing displacement.

    Along with the trend toward larger, faster machinery, there has been growing demand for coupling products that are lightweight and place less of a load on bearings. Thus, to prevent vibration and noise, misalignment absorption capacity during torque transmission and continuity of dynamic balance are key conditions. The coupling products produced by Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. satisfy these conditions, and have helped produce reasonable and efficient structures for manufacturing lines by minimizing maintenance work, such as oiling and centering operations.

    These products are used in aircraft gas turbines and rotating equipment for industrial turbines and compressors.

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