Industrial Membrane Module NU-4500

NOK’s Industrial Membrane Module is used to remove particles in water in various water treatment processes. NOK’s Polysulfone membranes have an excellent balance between pore size, filtration capability, and flow rate.
A proprietary hydrophilic, high-polymer compound is incorporated into the membrane which improves anti-clogging capability and allows stable filtration flow rates. The high-flux of NOK’s membranes allow even high-capacity systems to be designed within a small footprint.

Industrial Membrane Module  NU-4500

General specification

Module type NU-4500
Membrane Flow Inside-to-Out / Outside-to-In
Membrane area 45m²
Hollow fiber material PSU
ID/OD IDphi0.9mm / ODphi1.5mm
Max Trans-Membrane Differential Pressure 300kPa(25℃)
Operating temperature range 5 ~ 40℃
Service ph range 2 ~ 11
Molecular Weight Cut-Off 150,000 Da
Initial Flow Rate 7m³/h
(25℃,60kPa,internal pressure)
Case material U-PVC
Overall Dimensions 1,655mm × phi250mm

Reliable membrane manufacturing technology

  • Hollow Fiber Cross-Section
    Hollow Fiber Cross-Section
  • Hollow Fiber Outer Surface
    Hollow Fiber Outer Surface
  • Hollow Fiber Inner Surface
    Hollow Fiber Inner Surface

capable to multi-purposes application

    • treatment for service water and waste water at electronic manufacturing facility
    • pretreatment for dringking water
    • recovery treatment for industrial waste water, etc.
  • capable to multi-purposes application

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